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Thread: Contest in the works Here

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    Default Re: Contest in the works Here

    We're just waiting until we have more members who post regularly. Membership and posts have both picked up, but we're not quite there, yet.
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    Default Re: Contest in the works Here

    As much as I love an open contest, how about one designed & designated to bring in new blood (over 4 periods)? A 6 month followed by three 4 month periods where each new comer can participate on 2? Pair them up with a "mentor" each.

    Source 4 discus as prizes per winner but if not on a continent of distributor then we figure out alternative prize that's enough of an incentive to join in?

    Just thinking aloud...

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    Default Re: Contest in the works Here

    I think I should probably update this thread a little. We have a had a set back on the contest that was unforeseen. So its going to be a bit longer. The problem in the planning at this point is we had been waiting on The prize fish to grow up more, these fish were actually being donated by an Admin here at Simply, Brian aka Jeep. As you may know Brian's Fishroom took a serious hit recently and he lost alot of fish from public water supply issues after a storm.

    We still will be doing a contest, just re-evaluating our prize options.

    Brian's generosity here though needed to be recognized..Thanks again Brian!

    al Freeze Dried BlackWorms and other foods your Discus will Love!!!

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    Default Re: Contest in the works Here

    If I can bring some of the survivors around, we may still be able to make it work. But I won't know for sure for a little while. I won't send anything out until I'm sure they are healthy and able to reach their potential.

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