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Thread: Brown Bagging it for Lunch

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    Default Brown Bagging it for Lunch

    Its really important these days to be thrifty on how you spend your money and time. You really don't want to waste either and one way to go about that is to stop going out to restaurants for your lunches at work. Studies have shown it can save you thousands of dollars a year ! Wise people have been trying to get that message across for years now but its been slow to be accepted which is sad really.

    But at least one demographic group out there has been brown bagging it alot. So there is hope for the rest of us I guess...

    Brown bagging it for Lunch by Al Sabetta, on Flickr

    Brown bagging it for Lunch, again by Al Sabetta, on Flickr

    of course there will be times when a Brown Bagged Lunch is just not what you want

    Not thrilled with Lunch today by Al Sabetta, on Flickr

    Just a little Quirky Hump-day Humor.

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    Default Re: Brown Bagging it for Lunch

    Mama Bear

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    Default Re: Brown Bagging it for Lunch

    I agree with Liz and the last pic made me smile ��
    Your discus are talking to you....are you listening

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    Default Re: Brown Bagging it for Lunch

    That list picture makes me think of the reaction I have after handing over my container of fries to my wife and she returns it to me empty!

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