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Thread: Forum Behavior..a friendly reminder!

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    Exclamation Forum Behavior..a friendly reminder!

    Hi all,
    Its been a long time since I have had to post a thread like this but unfortunately I think Its time I revisit this topic.

    First let me say that this post does not apply to 99.9% of the forum's membership that come here day in and day out treating each other with respect and in a civil fashion even when they disagree. Thats the way this community functions best as a whole and to all of you that post like this....Thanks, I and Ryan and all the Mods appreciate the respect that shows to this forum and its community . Its the reason this site is the excellent community and resource it is.

    For those that fall in the .1% and think that they need not deal with other members of the forum with respect because they are somehow above it all....This forum is not for you then regardless of what experience you bring to the table. We welcome all hobbyists here , of all experience levels and can learn from each other...but only when we discuss things in a civil fashion and respect one another's diverse experiences and backgrounds. If you don't know who you are, you will if the posts continue to be an issue...If you do know, then I am asking you all one last time to stop with the attitude. Its not necessary to behave in this fashion and it takes away from everyone elses experience here.

    Lastly, With all the members we have here, theres always going to be some that will not get problem there... disagree publically but in civil and respectful fashion...if you want to have a go at it on a personal level... take it off the boards....use PMs, emails, telephone, whatever... It won't be tolerated on this forum publically. Period.

    Sorry to have to make a post addressing this everyone....but lately we are seeing more and more of these kinds of problems and I have been getting a lot of complaints about this..

    Thank you,
    Al Sabetta
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    Default Re: Forum Behavior..a friendly reminder!

    A member was asking me about forum etiquette and this thread suited the bill perfectly and deserves a bump.
    Your discus are talking to you....are you listening

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