Hi all,
Hope this message finds everyone well! Decided to take a break from water changes for a small infomercial!

I have a request to make of all the members of our community...It has to do with funding of the forum...but mostly it has to do with how you all can help SimplyDiscus.com weather these hard economic times, and continue to grow....and no its not a plea for funds..we don't do that here and should not need to...not crying the blues in anyway here.

As many of you know... Ryan and I go out of our way here to not ask for donations and we try to really limit the advertisment visual junk and to that end we have settled on a system where sponsors pay for the privilege to sell here. This in turn allows us to provide SimplyDiscus.com as a free resource to Hobbyists around the world...Its a system that usually brings the added benefit of being able to deal with sellers that are reputable and have a stake in the reputations they build here..not perfect, but we all try.

So how can you help? Well for starters...try to use our sponsors...Selling fish and supplies is a very hard business...Its hard to make it work and competition is stiff at times.. Sponsors invest here because they have a market here... Thats really an important fact under good economic times....under hard times like this its more than important....its critical.....So in short..many of you do this already...but if you can, try to work with those that sponsor this forum. You get two things out of... Ethical people to work with that are part of our community and by making the forum attractive to sellers, you help fund this site that so many of us come to so often for information, peer interaction, and of course... discussions!

The other thing you can do to help SimplyDiscus is promote the site to anyone you do business with...Tell them about the forum and your experiences here....That generates interest in becoming a sponsor .Thats key because as sad as it is... Sponsors sometimes don't make it as a seller... and in this business...turn over is very high.. As Admin here...its something I see alot... Also please please please....If you visit this site and are working with a sponsor tell them that! Let them know how much you value this forum especially if this is where you heard of them... A sponsor that knows where their sales come from is more likely to renew that sponsorship each year.

Just two small ways you all can help us here... No Worries mean't here..Simply isn't going anywhere... but I talk to alot of people in this hobby and its alot harder now than its been in ages....Please help where you can.

Thanks Everyone,
Al Sabetta