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Thread: Disease Board ..please read this!!!!!

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    Exclamation Disease Board ..please read this!!!!!

    Hi all,

    I think I need to clarify some points on the use of this forum's Disease Section. has a disease board here for use by the forum's population where by members looking for help on disease issues can ask for advice in dealing with an issue. It is a courtesy section. This advice is not screened, or approved in any way by the moderators or the owners here...nor are the qualifications of those answering requests for help. If you post in this section looking for help, you must do so fully understanding that you will most likely get a full range of answers from those that are very poor suggestions on how to deal with an issue to those that are very good suggestions.

    It is up to you to take the time to further research any suggestions and read the back posts here of those suggesting them....Weigh the pros and Cons of any suggestions or advice made.

    It is the position of this forum's ownership that disease issues are best handled thru the use of Veterinarians and Fish Health Specialists, such as Fish Pathologists. You should always try to locate one of these when you have serious issues. Use of any advice in the Forum's disease section is at your own risk.

    This Forum's disease board is not moderated for accuracy of posts or do not expect it to be. It is moderated as all other forum sections at SimplyDiscus enforce Forum Rules.

    ***IF you are posting Questions here we ask that you be as specific as you can about what is going in your tank..This will minimize potential mis-diagnosis by well meaning fellow hobbyists. You are responsible for how you deal with any advice given.

    ***IF you read a request for help and would like to offer your assistence and advice.. YOU MUST BE SURE THAT YOU ARE EXPERIENCED ENOUGH ON THE ISSUE TO HELP. Your advice, however well intentioned could very well kill someone elses fish...even if it "worked" for you.

    ***IF you see advice that is given and disagree with it...The same rules that apply to other sections of the forum apply to the disease board... State that you disagree in a civil and polite fashion and state why you feel that way. If possible, post proof in the forum of articles and research papers supporting your thoughts and beliefs..These types of help boards work best like this as it enables members with more experience to chime in and correct those with less experience....if there is something suggested thats inaccurate.

    *** If you are not giving first hand information or documented information in response to a request for help......DO NOT POST offering advice...The goal should be giving assistence to a hobbyist in need..not making posts for the sake of posting or to make yourself seem more experienced.

    Thank you,
    Al Sabetta

    Please also see ...

    for more information on rules and behavior.
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