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Thread: Any Ancestry.conm addicts on SD?

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    Default Re: Any Ancestry.conm addicts on SD?

    I'm not into it myself, but my nephew researched the male part of my family. My father family emigrated from Germany. One of my relatives tried to kill Hitler. My mother came from the north of England but she took after her father who was Irish. She was embarrassed to talk much about growing up. Her family was very poor and she was ashamed of that. She told me a story once about one of her childhood friends telling a story about visiting a relative who had more money and more stuff. My mom answered, "Well, that's nothing. I have an aunt who has a golden hat." I asked her what the thought she meant. She thought she meant to tell the girl that her aunt was the queen. That pretty much sums up my mother's personality. I'm glad I take much more after my father.
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    Default Re: Any Ancestry.conm addicts on SD?

    Now, now Liz. Irish people are good folks. After all you just dealt with one without any problem.LOL

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