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Thread: Mixing Nori Powder Into Beefheart

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    Default Mixing Nori Powder Into Beefheart

    hi All,
    i ve got many question on how to mix the Nori powder into beefheart with measurement by scale...the Nori powder is natural food for our discus, it will not matter if it is too much of Nori Powder in the is the rough measure if u dont have a scale, divede the 100 grams of Nori powder into 50/50..
    then 25/25...then 12.5 / 12.5.....u will end with 8 portions of Nori powder...each portion will be enuf for 1 pound of beefheart...pack each portion of Nori powder seperately with plastic bags or wrap with paper n keep them in the freezer or chiller...

    for mixing the Nori powder into beefheart, u may mix the Nori powder in beefheart n grind them together or if already grind the beefheart, just defrost the beefheart n mix the Nori powder evenly into beefheart n frozen the beefheart again...

    Mixing the Baby Shrimp powder will be the same amount as the Nori powder....thx

    haha...i know,i know my all of u will understand it..
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    best rgds,

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    Default Re: Mixing Nori Powder Into Beefheart

    very well understood Forrest...Thanks a lot.

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