Seems like every few years on the forum I have to put up a post on this....So here we go. Let me see if I can make myself clear on this issue.

If you are a novice and you log in here for help... You need to realize that there are individuals here with vastly more experience than you have. They share what they know with the hopes that you will learn something useful in how to successfully Keep Discus. Treat them with respect for taking the time to share that knowledge with you....listen to what they advice even though it may not be what you want to hear....or maybe not be what others at your Local pet shop or other fish forums have advised you. This is a Discus Forum. You Come here to learn about Discus ....and this is a place to get that information. You also need to keep in mind that your questions maybe new to you, but many here have heard them thousands of times and answered them thousands of times. Its frustrating having to have the same arguements over and over again. Many of these questions have already been asked and answered a thousand time s here. If you really want the answer to water changes, foods etc... search past posts.. Take some time to read. WE have close to 68,000 threads here spanning 10 years...Odds are the question has already been answered and argued. That said...if you still can't find the answer, then ask...but be prepared to hear what others more experienced than you have found to be true.

As for our Experienced forum members, I understand the frustration with some novice questions and attitudes.. It is challenging sometimes not to get angry and lash out...Can't help you with that, except to say..walk away. If you find a novice that doesn't take what you are saying walk away...Its their loss. State your experience, and walk away..Its for them to choose whose advice they follow and they will need to take responsibility for what happens with their fish. Its that simple. Those that choose to follow the practices we have found that work best are the ones that will be here tomorrow. You can't brow beat them into listening to you.

Now the total package....All members. I don't care if you have been here from Day1 or yesterday. I don't care if you are a sponsor, homesteader, experienced or novice. All members are expected to treat each other with respect and in a civil fashion. Doesn't matter if you like the person or think they are an idiot. Thats a basic rule here...and if you can't accept it, leave.

This Forum's purpose is promote the hobby, promote the care of discus, and give people a friendly place to do so. Its always been that way and always will be. To achieve this goal the forum is moderated. Period. Thats not something new, and contrary to what a handful of people may think.. Its what has made us as successful a forum as we are today. Fighting, slamming each, personal attacks, anything illegal by the Law, all these things are moderated for. These kinds of activities may be fun to watch, but they don't promote the hobby...They chase people away and they are an insult to the people on the forums trying to make something to be proud of.

Why do we do this...a very simple reason. I personally feel that this is the best way to promote our hobby. Nothing good comes from insulting each other...Civil discussions even when you disagree however promote understanding and can teach. My goal is not to provide a member a place to raise hell, let loose, and take out their frustrations with their real lives ...its Discus. I feel that we need a constant flow of novices into the hobby, and we need a steady group of experienced ones to pass on the knowledge. If you have that...Our Hobby thrives. Look around at this forum and you can see the hobby in motion. I'll welcome anyone here that wants to share in my desire to grow our hobby...likewise I will stand against anyone, friend or stranger that comes to this forum to cause trouble. Consider yourself warned.

Thats it, Plain and Simple. You all have the freedom to decide if you want to participate here . If you do, its by our rules. If you chose not to.I'm fine with that, play somewhere else. I'm confident that we have a model here that promotes our Hobby and Discus. The Choice is yours.

This thread is now locked as the topic is not up for discussion.Its a fact of being a member here.

Al Sabetta