As the forum grows in popularity and size it gets increasingly more difficult to police. We have well over 24,000 members and nearly 1 million posts! Each day we get many hundreds of visitors. We only have a small, but dedicated team here to manage all of this.

This is where all of you can help us to help you.

We have recently implemented a new system that helps us to handle inappropriate posts. In simple terms it creates a thread in a restricted area of the forum with the relevant details in there and also notifies all of the moderators and admins via email. This allows us to quickly deal with any issue, whether it be spam, trolls or any other issue.

Some examples of inappropriate posts are:
  • Spam
  • Foul or abusive language
  • Commercial posts from non sponsors
  • Troll like behaviour
  • Persoanl attacks

We already have some diligent members who are reporting posts they feel are not appropriate. I can tell you now, it is very much appreciated too. I believe many members are unaware of the ability to report posts and that is one reason why I am bringing this to people attention.

On the left hand side of each post there is an information block that shows who made the post as well as some other pieces of information about that member. At the bottom towards the left side of this block is a small black triangular icon with an exclamation mark inside. The red arrow is pointing to it below!
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Clicking on this allows to you report that post. You will be able to type in any additional information you wish, and it helps us if you give a reason, e.g. spam or troll or using foul language etc ...

We cannot always respond to people who report posts, but I can assure you that each and every one is monitored and actioned. Some times that action is to remove or edit a post, sometimes to ban a user and sometimes just to keep a watching brief.

So, if you see a post that you are unhappy about, please report it. It really does help us to keep this place running smoothly.

Many thanks.