Hi all,
After talking with my moderators and admins, we have come to the decision that a key criteria for a moderator here should be that they are not sponsors. This does not apply to admins and special consuls for the forum.

Through the years we have had several sponsors that were also excellent moderators, however, it is difficult for them to moderate as people would sometimes question their motives, or question the integrity of the system. I've never had cause to doubt my moderator-sponsors here and I am very indebted to these sponsors for the their help here as moderators and though they can no longer moderate the forum, I would like to recognize them for their past help.

My thanks go out to Kenny of Kenny's Discus, Johnnathan of John's Discus, Chad of Hughes Hatchery, and Dan of Elite Aquaria. My aplogies if I have missed anyone else.You guys have been a great help to my fellow admins and I in our day to day running of the forum, and we really appreciate all that you have done.

With Sincere Thanks,
Al Sabetta,
SimplyDiscus Team