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  1. New Soutneast Discus Club
  2. We have a home!
  3. Alright!
  4. What did I miss?
  5. Local supplies for Discus
  6. NC, South of Raleigh
  7. June meeting
  8. Southeast Discus Enthusiasts 1st meeting is set.
  9. Southeast Discus Enthusiast 1st meeting
  10. Show off your Fish Room
  11. SEDE Fall Meeting
  12. Local Beef Heart Recipes
  13. SEDE will be hosting the 2012 NADA Show in Atlanta!!
  14. SEDE Spring Meeting March 13th
  15. Hello SE Discus Folks!
  16. Pictures of SEDE Meeting March 13th 2011
  17. David Eaton
  18. New Discus keeper
  19. Summer Local Meeting??
  20. aXio 40 Gallon grow out tank.
  21. SEDE Meeting February 2012
  22. Southeast Discus April Meeting TN, Alabama, FL, NC, GA anywhere else all welcome!!
  23. A Big "Thank You" to all SEDE Members who voluntereed at the NADA Show
  24. Alabama or panhandle of Fl
  25. Flachen Snakeskin
  26. new to discus
  27. Charleston, SC?
  28. SEDE Fall 2013 Meeting
  29. Discus breeders in the southeast that can ship?
  30. SEDE Srping 2014 Meeting
  31. Looking for Albino White Butterfly Discus