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  1. Biofilter dry out experiment...
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  5. Fishless cycle or maintenance idea....
  6. Suturing a Fish
  7. Final result of Al's fishless cycling idea
  8. Vintage Strain Development
  9. The Laboratory...purpose , goals etc...
  10. So you want to be a Scientist Here? Experimenting for Dummies
  11. "Rapid" Water Aging
  12. Friends raising a single batch of Red Turqs, a group experiment.
  13. Pat's Piece of the Amazon
  14. DIY Remineralization for RO Water
  15. Something I do here and why.... QT Procedure
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  18. Tank stand on order
  19. Decapsulating Brine Shrimp Eggs
  20. Discus analysis of mucosal
  21. DNA Sexing
  22. Why dont discus keepers do automatic water changes more often?
  23. Oxygen injection
  24. Advise regarding using river water as tank water? Australia based River
  25. Discus Paludariums
  26. Petroleum vs Silicone on Canister O Rings
  27. Sweet potatoes and a canister filter?
  28. Ammonia oxidizing bacteria... a new product!
  29. Ammonia oxidizing bacteria... a new product!
  30. in hot water
  31. tank water for new wild altums
  32. Group study - Optimizing discus growth
  33. Trying a different type of Regenerable Nitrate-adsorption
  34. How To Duct Tape a 5 gallon Bucket
  35. VideosAsian Strains & My Statement About How I'm Attempting to Mix Asians & Stendkers
  36. How to grow out large fry experiment - How many water changes needed
  37. A way to tell male/female discus
  38. Shy discus
  39. Water changes challenge!
  40. Fry grow out test with an algae scrubber. Water change health and growth rate test
  41. Blackwater Mineral Mix
  42. Innovation - Bridging Subtrate and Bare Bottom
  43. UAS in Discus tank
  44. Measuring PH Drift
  45. Test #3 Growing out discus fry with limited water changes and plants/algae scrubber
  46. Alenquer x Leopard
  47. Albino Pearl Scale Angelfish X Double Black Blushing Veil Angel Genetics
  48. Discus in Koi Pond
  49. Walstad El Natural method and Discus
  50. Experiment Ideas!
  51. Feeding meal worms to Discus
  52. Instamatic Genny Shelter
  53. My Auto water change
  54. Auto Water Change - Empty Tank Sensor for Pump shutoff
  55. Activated Carbon
  56. Parasites under a microscope
  57. Mass Casualty In My Tank This Morning
  58. Wood Stove Hot Water?
  59. Submersible pump made water change simple
  60. Tapeworms in discus
  61. Murphy's journey
  62. The old stuff.. gear you wish they still made
  63. Biological control of parasites
  64. Kn95 uses
  65. Cichlids caught playing