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  1. Tapeworm experience by Brewmaster15
  2. Quarantine *questions...
  3. Disease/Sickness Article Index
  4. Flubendazole side effect....
  5. Possible Causes of Breathing Problems
  6. Praziquantel products and adverse reactions
  7. Using Potassium Permanganate aka PP
  8. How To Do a Salt Dip
  9. Correct use of Gram Scale
  10. Fenbendazole
  11. Looking for Levamisole in Canada
  12. mixing potassium permangante and how should it be used
  13. sterazin medication with fish food
  14. Quarantine and medication debate
  15. Meds to have in my cabinet? Metro, prazi, flubendazole, quickcure, dewormers. Help!!
  16. Acriflavine treatment length/strength ?
  17. Kordons Ich Cure
  18. Brand names of some handy medicines for discus
  19. What is the proper quarantine process
  20. Where do you all buy your Metro?
  21. Are these meds any good?
  22. Best discus contribution to growth up.
  23. levamisole
  24. fish medications
  25. Viruses
  26. Will this Potassium Permanganate work?
  27. Treating with prazipro
  28. Medicine Cabinet - What should you have on hand.
  29. question of general interest - discus turning dark
  30. This Potassium Permanganate brand safe ?
  31. Do You Lower PH or Use Special Treatments for Your Water Outside of Meds?
  32. Mardel Labs. OUT of the Med. Business. Any Alternatives?
  33. A suggestion to treat hole in the head
  34. L200 Green Phantom
  35. When and How Do You Apply Heat Therapy for Ill Fish?
  36. Interesting (to me) spontaneous deworming moment...
  37. Paraguard (Seachem) & Quick Cure
  38. Ruby Reef
  39. mixing medication
  40. Question about meds and mixing them
  41. Interesting tidbit on tumor removal
  42. Maintaining water quality whilst medicating fish
  43. Furan 2 only bought in packages..?
  44. Discus suddenly head down - simple fix
  45. preventive medication
  46. Salt - A basic FAQ
  47. Potassium permanganate alternative
  48. Potassium Permanganate as a sanitizer
  49. Treating with octozin ammonia level 2ppm
  50. Treating topically (Iodine, H2O2 etc)
  51. A Warning About De-Los from National Fish Pharmaceuticals
  52. Feedings during treatment
  53. Help with eye injury
  54. Recommendations for Med Suppliers
  55. Flubendazole
  56. best treatment for body injury
  57. PraziPro - Metronidazole - & Fenbendazole?
  58. When Using salt in the tank not for dips what is the highest dose succesfully used.
  59. To Treat with meds or not
  60. Levamisole dosage
  61. retreatment dosage
  62. Think I did it this time!!
  63. New Arrivals from the Amazon Basin - recommended treatments?
  64. A case of Pop Eye and clean water.
  65. Clearing a tank of tapeworm eggs
  66. Sick Discus
  67. When to Discontinue Treatment
  68. Foolproof PP Stock Solution
  69. How to measure Metro?
  70. Darkness into the Light
  71. Haxamita living in biological filter or aquarium water
  72. Discus Sudden Death Syndrome
  73. Sudden death
  74. Formalin and corydoras: any problems?
  75. discus and parasites
  76. Should I medicate all of the aquarium Inhabitants ?
  77. can i use metronidazole to treat my discus?
  78. External Sore Treatment question
  79. [Urgent, please help] Discus POP eye problem...
  80. Popeye /Exophthalmial
  81. starting all over
  82. Does plecos carry any harmful disease?
  83. Discus injury - Help needed
  84. any photos of normal discus poop?
  85. Healthy Discus died within a 1/2 hour after w/c!!
  86. What to do once QT is over?
  87. Microscope Video. Need help identifying worm/flagellate in sick fish stool sample.
  88. Mixing Asian and German
  89. Flagyl treatment for hex
  90. Too Late for Rose...
  91. cloudy eyes!!!
  92. Oxytetracycline
  93. Micron cartridge and meds
  94. Parasites found. Can anyone identify from a poor micrsoscope picture?
  95. Furan-2 application
  96. Microscopic pictures of may be Hex? Does anyone know
  97. Salt dip for fry?
  98. Plants have harbored worms
  99. Injury or Disease
  100. Dissolving Prazi question
  101. need feedback from experts on Metro treatment
  102. Pimafix and MelaFix: Do they really work?
  103. Triple Sulfa & Nitrite
  104. Amonnia question
  105. Tetra Brand Pond Fish Treatment - is it okay for Discus......anyone?
  106. how to prepare "Methylene Blue" solution ?
  107. Bruises and Scratches
  108. which one is better for discus fin/tail rot - chloramphenicol or tetracycline?
  109. What is this called?
  110. Metronidazole and praziquantel from Angels Plus
  111. Epsom Salts - the wonder drug (even though it isn't a drug)
  112. Epsom Salts - the wonder drug (even though it isn't a drug)
  113. Fin rot questions
  114. treating ich with heat alone - 2015 result
  115. anyone had any experience with flubenzadole causing headstanding ?
  116. Prazipro or Kusuri wormer plus
  117. I Don't Often Have Hole-In-The-Head, But When I do...
  118. Metro dose question
  119. lump on body
  120. Discus using one gill? Real solution?
  121. crytobia
  122. +1 For Garlic Guard in Medicated Food!
  123. was this a fish scab?
  124. still paying price of for my lax quarantine - fluke/prazi quiestion
  125. Ideas for Starting the Medicine Cabinet
  126. Kordon ich rid plus - discus dosage
  127. Best way to treat sick discus with simple step.
  128. Levamisole and temperature
  129. Levamisole, Metronidazole and praziquantel -- Do they Kill parasites?
  130. black spots in my discus
  131. Kordon Rid Ich Plus and bacteria bloom?
  132. Does Quick Ich-X work for gill flukes?
  133. Sick tank rules
  134. Single white spot on discus tail
  135. Transparent segmented poop
  136. Slimy nasty stuff folowing antibiotic treatment
  137. Tine little white worms swimming
  138. Does Anyone Know Of A Good, General Medication?
  139. a couple Questions on HITH
  140. Cleaning live plants from any flukes
  141. Worms!!!
  142. Use of Melafix and Pimafix with Discus
  143. Stringy white poop
  144. Tetra's Parasite Guard
  145. Some Information on Perceived Disease causes
  146. Medications that are safe with Cherry Shrimp?
  147. How to use a microscope
  148. ARG Metronidazole Powder Shelf Life
  149. Best discus disease treatment book
  150. Reasons for repeat hex infections
  151. discus not eating
  152. Worming issues - Which wormer?
  153. Meds to keep on-hand incase needed
  154. Regular deworming?
  155. Ive got a weird thing going on with Angel fish and discus. (image inside)
  156. Vermisol (levamisole) dosage calculation
  157. Gill Fluke Eggs Question
  158. DMSO A Controversial Drug and, use in our hobby?
  159. Eradicating Bacteria
  160. Buying Metronidazole Powder (Hikari Metro+)
  161. discoloration white spots
  162. Tape worms
  163. Is anything alternative of Praziquantel ?
  164. Discus poop
  165. Dr. G Deworming RX
  166. Guidence for future quarantine and prophyllactic treatment
  167. How to make malachite green solution from raw powder ?
  168. Wormer Plus
  169. sick/stressed discus? new to this, help please!
  170. Worming and The Other Discus
  171. Please help. Constipation? or Bloat? or internal parasite? or anything else?
  172. How To : PraziPro
  173. De-worming question
  174. Is Levamisole Safe to Use With Plants, Corys, etc.
  175. Quarantine question
  176. Prazi after Metro?
  177. saw this product
  178. what about Aqua Pro-Cure
  179. Gill Fluke Pics
  180. White poo
  181. Setting up new qt tank
  182. Blanket Medicate Display Tank??
  183. a 6 week cycle of hex???
  184. Waterlife Octizone for cotton woll on My Discus
  185. General signs or indicators of illness, and how to diagnose?
  186. I think my blue diamond is dying! Can someone please help!!!
  187. Methylene (sp?) Blue
  188. White spot
  189. Help!! sick turquoise
  190. Help spot appearing!
  191. Prophylactic treatment for new juvies
  192. tail rot?
  193. And now there are four....Cryptobia
  194. Help in diagnosing and treating this discus?
  195. Using PP with chloramine in water
  196. Trichlorfon Discus have gone pale white/grey colour
  197. Natural remedies
  198. Second loss in a week HELP
  199. Potassium Permanganate treatment in tank
  200. Prime to Neutralize PP
  201. Metro from Jemco dosage
  202. Discus resisting Hexamita treatment
  203. Octocil
  204. Fins edges turning black
  205. the difference: levamisole vs. Praziquantel
  206. Youngest you would use PP
  207. PP Treatment on tank
  208. Combined Kanamycin and Metro
  209. Is this hole in the head?
  210. ParaGuard - FMG
  211. gill tissue
  212. JEHMCO Metro Question
  213. API general cure
  214. How soon to do a water change after praziquantel
  215. Ornidazole vs metronidazole for hex
  216. Using Aquarium Salt vs Kosher Salt
  217. Broad spectrum Medication for (suspected) unknown internal parasite
  218. A One Stop Shop For A Fish, That's About To Flop!
  219. What kind of microscope should I get?
  220. metronidazole poisoning? detoxing?
  221. Bloat question
  222. Discus Fry: when to medicate?
  223. Mycobacteriosis, aquarium hygiene and live foods
  224. New fish possibly sick
  225. Discus medicine cabinet
  226. Kanaplex Seachem
  227. Discus sometimes wagging their head
  228. Paraclear by ocean free
  229. Velvet in Neighboring Tank
  230. Aquarium Salt for Cloudy Eyes?
  231. Strange root like growth in tank
  232. How long to keep mediation with metroplex
  233. where to buy metroplex or Metronidazole !?
  234. Patience or Medication?
  235. Discus Doing Fine - Rams Dying
  236. Can you dose metro and praziquantel at the same time?
  237. Dark and getting darker while others thrive.
  238. Discus sick, need help. Plz advise!
  239. What are these ?
  240. doseage of levamisole hcl power
  241. Microscopes
  242. How long does it take for cloudy eyes and popeyes to heal?
  243. Treatment for headstanding discus?
  244. Will Kanamycin Sulfate Kill Filter
  245. What should I do next time?!!
  246. Fry acting weird. Looking for suggestions
  247. Male discus tube burned
  248. How to disolve metro .
  249. Internal Parasites?
  250. Dosing question