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  1. Welcome aboard Doug and Lynda of Golden State Discus!
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  19. Is Golden State Discus still open?
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  21. Massive new shipment from world renowned breeder Na Discus
  22. Lots of Albinos, Reds and Turqs available in our latest shipment
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  24. Website back up and updated! https://goldenstatediscus.com
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  31. New 5-5.5 albino snakeskin and golden leopard snake
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  33. Jumbo Discus in stock now!
  34. A few premium reds!
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  36. Huge na discus shipment, happy spring!
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  42. Video of our actual discus that arrived from Na Discus
  43. New Shipment arrived!
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  45. Eye Candy! Video of actual discus that arrived!
  46. Na Discus shipment has arrived and web site updated!
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  48. New discus arriving tonight from Na Discus
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  50. Want to purchase some discus, what am I doing wrong?
  51. Happy New Year! Let's celebrate with some beautiful new Na Discus!
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  54. 5-5.5" discus received form our latest Na Discus shipment
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