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  1. Tell us about yourselves....Please
  2. Introducing the iTrader Feedback System
  3. Homestead Sites on SimplyDiscus... what are they?
  4. Welcome to SimplyDiscus!
  5. Only just found this site!
  6. New to Discus and this forum
  7. New to Discus and the Forum
  8. New member here !!!
  9. New to forum not new to Discus
  10. Took the Plunge!
  11. New Discus Keeper - Ammonia question with Seneye
  12. A Little Out of Order
  13. New Member
  14. How did you hear about SimplyDiscus!!
  15. Hello
  16. Should I even try?
  17. New to discus, here is my community tank.
  18. New old guy
  19. New to keeping Discus
  20. Hello
  21. Iím new
  22. Posting Basics
  23. Long time hobbyist, but new to Discus
  24. Returning to Discus after a long break.
  25. Greetings from Ireland
  26. Hey all
  27. Long Time Reefer Turned to the "Dark Side" :-)
  28. I am Back!.... 15 years later!!
  29. Setting up a new tank
  30. I want to share experiences with you
  31. Bangkok discus aquarium
  32. New to Forum, not to fishkeeping.........
  33. Hello from Bend, Oregon!
  34. Well Hello There..
  35. Back again Hello to everyone
  36. New to Discus
  37. Hello All
  38. New here and looking to learn
  39. new to site
  40. Hi - Jack here this AM
  41. An Old Member who Finally Got Around to Browsing the Galleries
  42. New Discus tank with 4 three inches Discus need help !
  43. Hello everyone!!
  44. Hey
  45. need help with my discus
  46. 90g tank with 35g sump?
  47. New member from Nova Scotia , going to try and breed two pairs possibly
  48. Cycling
  49. Hello from London
  50. Greetings People
  51. Male or female discus????
  52. New to the forum and to discus fish in general, Hi!
  53. Newbie to Discus
  54. PLEASE HELP with my discus fish
  55. Hi Im Tim from Belgium
  56. New to the forum and to Discus.
  57. Discus Planning
  58. Hakari Bloodworms and Beefheat
  59. Introduction
  60. New to the discuss hobby.... like to make sure Iím on right track.
  61. Hello everyone!!
  62. Tried to talk husband out of discus - I failed so here I am!
  63. Petco had a sale...
  64. Hi guys and gals
  65. Happy to be here
  66. Hey there!
  67. Finally Decided to take a leap
  68. Discus is looking bad!
  69. Intro
  70. New to the Forum - After some advice
  71. contemplating discus. can i do it with my current set up?
  72. How long it takes for the activated carbon to remove medication ??
  73. Hello from Brisbane, AUS
  74. Greetings!!
  75. Greetings everyone!
  76. Hello from the UK
  77. Hello from the U.K - Discus scare last night after water change
  78. Hello from sunny South Africa. I need all the help i can get
  79. HELP!! with my discus learning curve
  80. Five new discus wont eat, need advice
  81. New here! and very interested
  82. Hello from Germany
  83. Hi from an unseasonably warm and sunny Cambridge in the UK.
  84. Trading up my 160 gallon planted community tank to discus
  85. Returning to the Hobby in Canada
  86. A Lot Has Changed in 8 years!
  87. Need to sell a group of Discus > advice?
  88. Breeding Pair Question
  89. Hello from the Netherlands
  90. Iím back for a bit
  91. Not new, but it's been a while...
  92. Just another n00b13
  93. going discus, first big boy tank
  94. Where to buy an alenquer-ish pair?
  95. Compatible fish for the higher temp water
  96. Discus pooping white and not eating
  97. New member
  98. New Name FischAutoTechGarten, Same Member Ohduhwire <- phonetic
  99. Hello and RO Question
  100. Coming Back
  101. Abnormal behaviors
  102. Questions questions questions
  103. Discus for the busy man
  104. Hello!
  105. New Tank & New Forum!
  106. Hi there!
  107. Iím far from new...old as dirt and member since inception
  108. Long time lurker , first time poster.....
  109. A second new start
  110. New to this forum and excited for Discus!
  111. Hello again
  112. Hi all
  113. Quick Introduction
  114. New Member
  115. New and fry question
  116. New member
  117. New Here
  118. New and starting a new tank. Trying plants?
  119. New Member
  120. New Member
  121. Hi everyone
  122. Hello!
  123. Worried Future Discus Keeper
  124. New here & looking for Advice!
  125. Hello and questions
  126. Hello from Denver, new discus keeper here
  127. New member with new discus keeper questions
  128. Automated water change question
  129. Hello from joseph and question regarding breeding the most beautiful fishs DISCUS
  130. Urgently require some advise please
  131. Can anybody identify this 4 month old discus which I was recently given?
  132. Discus tank maintenance truth and myths?
  133. Coating to seal natural branches in a discus tank.
  134. New Blue Diamonds
  135. Brand New Acrylic Tank
  136. First time - Raising discus fries
  137. New member
  138. Dinga's Disus
  139. Setting up: first time. Tank parameter questions.
  140. Fishless cycling
  141. Hello Hello!
  142. New to the forum but not new to discus
  143. Greetings from Texas
  144. Hello from Alabama
  145. HELLO(^^) from the uk
  146. Hello from Illinois
  147. Shy juveniles
  148. New member from New Jersey, itís hot in here
  149. New to Discus from Michigan
  150. Loud Sounds and Discus
  151. Can someone help me identify my discus
  152. Greetings from a hardcore reef aquarist, with a question on discus growout water
  153. Back to keeping discus after a while
  154. New member needs help
  155. New fanatic from Canada
  156. Can discus babies when they get older ever share a tank with their parents?
  157. Discus paludariun question
  158. Filtration setup questions
  159. New to Discus and pleased to meet you
  160. Help! Advice on certain decor
  161. Excited new member!
  162. Greetings to all
  163. New member
  164. Hello all
  165. Hello all
  166. Hello everyone
  167. Hi everyone.
  168. Hello
  169. Hi! Beginner to discus, would like my first tank.
  170. Hello everyone
  171. Hi to everyone
  172. Hi, this is me...
  173. New to discus but not new to fish
  174. hey ya'll!
  175. Looking for willie from Minnesota aquarium society, this is Gene from ne Minneapolis
  176. Coming back to Discus
  177. A newbie
  178. New to this site!
  179. new here
  180. New to the site and from UK
  181. Best Discus Tank mates
  182. Wild Discus Breeders
  183. New member setting up a new tank
  184. i'm new - also: happy st patrick's day
  185. 150gallon xh tank and 40 breeder sump..and new to discus.
  186. Beginner list of all meds
  187. My fish stopped eating beef heart - advice please.
  188. Considering a Discus tank
  189. New Member. New set up. Help!?
  190. How to do that? is the main question.
  191. Hi from So Cal, new to forum and Discus
  192. Dry Food
  193. Hello
  194. Happy to Be Here
  195. "Hi" from Germany
  196. Newbie!
  197. Check my work! (Future Stendkers)
  198. Hi Everyone
  199. New member from California
  200. New to Discus
  201. Hi from Indonesia
  202. I'm getting it all together
  203. new but old member
  204. Hello
  205. Back to the hobby after a decade!
  206. Breeding male aggresive toward mate
  207. New to discus, not to fishes.
  208. New to Discus!
  209. A little trouble with staying logged in...
  210. After 20+ years getting back into Discus!
  211. Hello Everyone!
  212. Hello from Netherlands
  213. hello!
  214. Newbie here
  215. Another Discus Newbie
  216. Looking for a new home for my Discus and its tankmates
  217. New to discus keeping but not the hobby.
  218. Hello from me and my algae
  219. Coming back to discus keeping after more than 20 years. Help me out.
  220. How to post comments, etc.
  221. Newbie to Stendker Discus
  222. Worms Please help
  223. New to discus, not to aquariums
  224. New to discus
  225. New Member
  226. Spot on new fish
  227. New member doing his research
  228. Newbie
  229. Heckel cross
  230. New to Discus
  231. New member starting Discus
  232. Starting with DiscusÖ.,again
  233. Taking the discus plunge
  234. Thinking about Discus once again!
  235. Newbie discus keeper
  236. Hi all
  237. Coming back to Discus after a few years break
  238. Returning for commitment
  239. Hello All. Thinking of returning to discus keeping
  240. Ro water
  241. brief video of my planted discus tank
  242. female super red plecos
  243. Not new to forum but back after a long break
  244. Hello!
  245. Hello Everyone
  246. Saying hi from the UK
  247. Greetings!
  248. New guy on the block
  249. Howdy!
  250. Hello