View Full Version : The two ways I post images to this forum

10-10-2018, 04:24 PM
So I post images here on Simply discus, and I have found two ways to post images here.

First is the posting of the URL in the [IMG] brackets (generally done by hitting the insert image button, and selecting the URL tab). This can be done if the image is hosted on a site such as what photobucket used to be (I use a paid subscription to Zenfolio).

Second is if I have posted the image to my facebook page is to open the photo in facebook, right click, select "save image", and then save that image where you will be able to find it. Next when posting here I push the insert image and then select the image from my desktop (or the location where I have saved the image from facebook), and the image will post here all resized to meet our forums software requirements.

The photos of the blue rams I have posted in last few days have been posted using this second method. I use the first method if I want a higher resolution photo to post.