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Privacy Policy for SimplyDiscus Forums

What is the stated policy regarding privacy at SimplyDiscus forums?

We collect your registration Ip and other subsequent Ip addresses to verify your Identity on the forum. We maintain a database of registration emails so that you may receive administrative communications from the forum that enable us to help you access the forum as a member. At time of registration you can select not to receive emails from the administration . You are also free to change this through your control panel at any time. You may also restrict other members from emailing you through the forum.

The use of "cookies" on the forum enables us to recognize you as a logged in member and enables us to administer the forum. We do not place adware, malware,trojans, keyloggers or any malicious or illegal programs on your systems,and we despise websites that do. We actively block spammers and moderate this forum to help ensure your privacy and safety.

We will never share your email with anyone, we will never sell your email to other parties. We will not contact you to sell you anything, though we may contact you to let you know of forum events, fundraisers, auctions, and meetings Again, you have the ability to opt out any time in receiving these emails. The exception to our privacy rules on emails is when a crime has been committed and we are asked by law enforcement to share Ips, emails, etc or we report you to the authorities or your ISP (internet service provider for breach of rules here..

If you post pictures on SimplyDiscus, they remain your property however they become a permanent part of any post you make. You give SimplyDiscus permission to post,store, and archive uploaded pictures. We will not use them for commercial purposes without your express permission. If you post textual content on the forum, you may request a post be removed, but it is the forum's Administrators decision to do so and may be denied at our discretion.

If you chose to no longer be part of the community and wish to have your account deleted, you must contact any administrator on the forum, or email and we will remove your accounts. Your posts will remain, but not your name.

If you are having trouble with setting up your email preferences you may contact any administrator on the forum, or email for guidance

We expect as members to respect the privacy of other members. The forum email and private message systems are never to be used to sell to, harass, or spam members. Members found abusing this will have their accounts severely restricted or may be banned. We take our members rights to privacy very serious.

The forum makes use of various advertising programs such as google adsense and skimlinks .We do not share your personal details with any advertisers. When you click on ads and links to 3rd party sites, we have no further control over information they may collect directly from you.

If you have any concerns regarding Privacy on SimplyDiscus Forums, please email the or pm any Administrator to discuss the concerns

These Privacy Policies are subject to change but will always be posted .

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