Please note the following....

This section is for first hand experiences with vendors. It is not for is not for petty banter nor is it for attacks, slander and arguing. If you have a direct experience with a vendor, state it and move on...period.

and in case anyone is challenged by the meaning of the word "first hand"... webster's dictionary is a great resource...
Definition of FIRSTHAND

: obtained by, coming from, or being direct personal observation or experience <a firsthand account of the war>

firsthand adverb
Examples of FIRSTHAND

  1. He gave a firsthand account of the battle.
  2. She draws on firsthand experiences for her novel.

To make the definition even more clear for the ultra challenged... If you bought product from someone directly or tried to.....THAT is first hand.

We have clearly stated from the start the rules for this section...

I believe this section is a valuable addition to the forum, but we are getting tired of having to police members that are old enough to understand rules and police themselves... If it keeps up we will start banning people from being able to post in this section and if that doesn't stop the BS... I'll just delete the whole section because I am royally tired of the headaches.

Its all about respect people...respect each other and above all... respect this forums rules.

regards all,