Just a reminder challengers....

The official Rules:

1) The contest is a 8 month commitment at the minimium. We reserve the right to carry to a maximum 1 year .

2) You must start these fish in a 10 gal tank,using sponge filters and covered on 3 sides and bottom. It must be a bare bottom tank.
You must use Aged water at a Temperature of 82 F to 85 F . For the first 2 weeks I would suggest you maintain them in the 10 gal tank. They must be alone. No other fish present. After that you can do as you want but must document it.

3) You must do an update at least once a week. This is less than what we have used in the past to make it easier. You are allowed 4 missed updates .. more than that and you forfeit the contest and your deposit. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! You may post updates as often as you want. Your update must be in pictures.. You may use videos at any time but not for the mandatory update.

4) Photo updates MUST use the forum software and not be off site links.

5) You must net your largest fish at 3 months, 6 months, and at the contest end and measure it. .Photo document and post the image.

Thats it ... I have made the rules as concise and straightforward as possible. Understand that as unexpected things occur we may have to modify rules or add to them. If you participate you are agreeing to all rules and to our full control over the contest .

Any questions please ask them now.

Thank you,