I am getting my house set up for my discus tank, and I would like to use the python water change system. I have a bathroom faucet that is old and needs replacing anyway, so I'd like to replace it with a faucet known to work with the python system. I have another faucet in my house (Moen Caldwell widespread) that so far does *not* work with the python, or any of the adapters. The issue appears to be that the aerator, which comes out easily enough with the key, is smaller than even the smallest brass adapter I was able to get from python. If I look very closely at the faucet, the aerator assembly appears to be made of two parts: the aerator itself (which I can remove) and a ring that the aerator itself screws into, that is screwed into the faucet. I believe if I could get that ring out the standard python brass adapter would fit. Alas, I have no tool that will get that ring out.

So - are any of you using the python system with a new-ish faucet successfully? If so, would you mind sharing brand and model with me?

Many thanks.