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I've been called out!

To be honest, I now have mystery snails in my non-discus, non-angelfish tanks: gold, chestnut and magenta strains. These tanks are dedicated to breeding L-number plecos and various Ancistrus strains. Even though I change water in these tanks weekly, a huge amount of mulm accumulates during the week. After I put the snails in, the tanks got immediately cleaner. With snails, mulm has been reduced by 80% - 90%. Also, the glass is much cleaner than before.

Here's the part I don't get. YouTube is filled with videos about how to raise mystery snails and hatching out the eggs. In fact, mine started laying eggs 3 weeks after they went in the tank. I break off and toss the egg masses weekly, but there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of baby snails crawling now. I don't understand why you need to watch a video to keep snails.

A Level 66 guy.
As the pup at level 58 I have heeded the advise offered here and added Mystery Snails to my Ancistrus and BN tanks. Man those babies are happy and growing from all the mulm on the bottom. Great post Willie.