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Thread: Amphibians in Aquariums Alert..

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    Exclamation Amphibians in Aquariums Alert..

    Hi all,
    I wanted to bring this to everyones attention due to the seriousness of the issue. There is a fungal disease sweeping through the world called..Chytridiomycosis
    Read about it here.

    This fungus is literally wiping out wild populations of amphibians. As a result there are bans on imports of amphibians but not all are covered... and one common pet, the african clawed frog may be a carrier. These frogs are common in aquariums and may be a source of wild amphibian infection through their tank water...

    If you have these frogs or See them at a petshop try and get the petshop to read up on this really is a nightmare pathogen.

    More resources...
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