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Thread: I'm So Excited

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    I live in an apartment in St. Paul, MN, so there's no room for R/O, etc. My tap water is conditioned by aeration for 24 hours and goes into the tank at pH 8.0 with 145 ppm TDI. High quality fish in warm, clean water with high protein food, i.e. beef heart, is all that's required.

    Having said that, not all discus will spawn. I purchased 4 of these and got this one pair. A friend purchased 5 and got two pairs.
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    Wish my tap was 145 ppm! Good for you Willie! ALWAYS best when its easiest way that works. Freeze Dried BlackWorms and other foods your Discus will Love!!!

    >>>>>Keeping Discus healthy 101...regular water changes, feeding good food ,and practicing informed common sense fish keeping.

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