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Thread: Dwarf rainbowfish projects

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    Default Dwarf rainbowfish projects

    Gonna slip this one in right before the deadline hopefully. Also if the whole setup breaks the rules I'll focus on a single tank.
    In an effort to maximize fish per square foot I jumped into amateur woodworking. Watched several rack builds and ended up using tips from most of them. 2 rows of 3 tanks for pseudomugil species. Before discus took over my 120 I had about 30 melanotaenia rainbows in it, an I loved the whole group. In a 20 long I had some p. Luminatus and when I found out about all the other varieties I need to figure out how to get then all.
    First got a group of p tennelus but the stock was very neglected, thin thin thin and none of them made it. Trying to source some of the more uncommon varieties is a little tough but ended up getting a group of rhadinocentrus ornatus which is like a cousin, also considered a rainbowfish I'd say. They're all doing well and the only tank stocked at the moment.
    As I said if this bends the rules a bit too much ill just focus on the rhad tank at this time but as a whole this project will be getting updates more regularly than anything else I'm working on.

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    Default Re: Dwarf rainbowfish projects

    Nice Setup.

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