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Thread: How well does Reflectix insulate?

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    Default How well does Reflectix insulate?

    I've been using Reflectix to insulate my tanks for years and I've seen a drastic increase in heater efficiency and reduced electric bills. I keep my house pretty chilly in winter, around 60 degrees is my comfort zone, About two years ago I unplugged a 29g tank I wasn't using anymore and after about 8 hours I checked the temp and it had dropped from 82 to 76. Last year I also wrapped my aging barrels in Reflectix. Last night around 9pm I finished my water changes and used 75 degree water to refill the holding tank. This morning, the water line was still attached to my faucet so I dipped some water out of the holding barrel for the dogs and felt it was pretty warm even though the heater wasn't on. I took a temp reading at 10am this morning the temp in the barrel had only dropped to 71.7. My other holding tank has RO water and has been sitting for about 3 weeks and it shows the room temp at 59.9. That's a 3.3 degree loss in temp in 13 hours!

    With skyrocketing cost of electricity, I think it's a wise investment! Here's an old thread I started years ago if anyone is interested...

    Tap water barrel

    reflectix 1.jpg

    RO water barrel

    reflectix 2.jpg

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    Default Re: How well does Reflectix insulate?

    All my tanks are wrapped on 3 sides with Reflectix and sit on a 1" thick styrofoam pad. Used it to wrap all my aging barrels before I switched. Really cheap and easy to do. Besides lower electrical costs, you'll get more life of your heaters and your fish will be subject to fewer temperature variations. It's a no-brainer.
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    Default Re: How well does Reflectix insulate?

    I have reflectix wrapped around my water storage barrels. My tanks use foam board. Freeze Dried BlackWorms and other foods your Discus will Love!!!

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