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Thread: Pentax Camera Gear for would be wildlife Photographer P/u (CT) or shipping

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    Default Pentax Camera Gear for would be wildlife Photographer P/u (CT) or shipping

    Hi all,
    I have decided its best I let go some camera gear. I will be listing it elsewhere but figured I may as well put it here in case Pat and I have inspired anyone

    This sale is for a really NIce Beginner's long lens and DSLR set up. The Camera is a pentax K3, 24 Mpx camera. It has been used by me alot. Though I do not abuse my gear, I do use it and this camera has been well loved and worked . Its in good to fair shape physically, with some paint wear at the Bottom. Mechanically the camera is in excellent working order. Its has no cracks, the Glass is intact and the functions all work.. Its buttons all work, though some letters are faded,. It has a shuttercount of 97,434. Pentax K-3 are rated for at least 300,000 so alot of life in it. The K-3 line is The flagship line for Pentax dslr. The camera comes with internal image stabilization, Most other mfg, put that just into their lens. The benefit is this camera can use hundreds and hundreds of 3rd party lens that lack stabilization. It comes with Pentax Battery Grip, 2 batteries, and a pentax Charger.

    The lens is a rare Lens. Its a Sigma 150-500 mm HSM APO DG OS F5-F6.3 AF . What Makes this rare is the OS, Thats optical stabilization. Few Pentax compatible lens have it, giving you the ability to choose between the camera's stabilization or the using the lens stabilization. Sigma is a 3rd party manufacturer of Quality Lenses for the major brands. Optically the lens is excellent, with minimal internal Dust. Mechanically its excellent as well and even comes with a free Len coat ( $100 value just there.) Lens caps included.

    The Price for the body and Grip.. $300 includes batteries and charger I will throw in some appropriate SD cards ( has dual Card Slots)
    Camera info here...

    The Price for the Lens Sigma 150-500 mm HSM APO DG OS F5-F6.3 AF (Pentax only Mount ) $600

    Combined $850

    Shipping included









    So what can you do with this Lens? These are handheld images I just took i the backyard ( windy here).

    Minor post processing.. jpegs





    straight out of the camera edits


    Why would I sell this lens? I have been saving that and others for my kids if they wanted to take up photography... but that didn't happen and I honestly have enough camera gear to start a camera store that I just don't use any more as I have upgraded and need to upgrade more.

    as a side note, If someone buys this and wants to do a complete system , I probably have it here (macro lens, wide angle, teleconverters, primes).

    Pm if interested.

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    Default Re: Pentax Camera Gear for would be wildlife Photographer P/u (CT) or shipping

    Super nice set Al, I bet it goes fast to some lucky person.
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