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Technically yes however when you say "breeder" its a term thats misused. Often times " Breeders" aren't breeding everything or sometimes anything at all. Many "Breeders" are actually just resellers. They buy from multiple sources and resell. This isnt bad in of itself and allows a seller the abiliy to offer many strains at various sizes. However it inherently comes with the risk that somewhere along the supply line pathogens are introduced.

Thanks Al, I understand that. My seller is like this and imports from all over to sell (that's why I'm getting the discus direct from breeder to my house to avoid picking something up at his shop). The source of the discus is an actual breeder in Johore, Malaysia and from what I have been able to ascertain he breeds and sells his own fish from his farm. I'll double check on this with the seller.

In any event I will still be putting the 2nd batch of discus through the same quarantine process. The reason I was hopeful that it would be the case is because I won't be able to use the hero fish method once the tankmates go into the display tank. It's much easier now when the 1st batch of discus is being quarantined at the same time as the tankmates. I will use the shared water approach you recommended earlier in this thread for the 2nd batch.