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Thread: APPS that save big bucks

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    Default APPS that save big bucks

    Seems like we could use a list of Dollar saving apps. I have a brother that works for a grocery store. The store is Stop and Shop / Giant chain. They work with an app called Flashfood - Grocery deals. The App is really incredible for sales. It goes far beyound any sales at the grocery store. He just brought by some beef PotRoasts that were.. $ 4 for 5 lb roasts. That was $4 for the whole roast.. not per pound. Deals very by location. The deals could be on just about anything in the store.



    Im sure there are other Apps similar but if you shop at the Stop and Shop /Giant Grocery Store chain... give it a try. This chain is along the Atlantic coast predominantly. I was skeptical at first but its the real deal.

    Do you guys know of other apps similar that can save our members $$$.?
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