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Thread: Progress Update

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    Default Progress Update

    Thought that I would give an update on my progress on my Discus breeding endeavor.
    Basically, I have set up a central system of 7 breeding tanks with sponge filters in each tank., Wet/Dry filter with a separate sump. Installed an RO unit just for breeding.
    Managed to pick up a second-hand 8 ft 200gal tank that will be used for growing out, it will be a stand-alone. I paid $100 for the 200 gal tank and thought that was a good deal.
    The guy I got the 200 gal tank from has a big 10,000 gal acrylic tank for sale that's right not a mistake 10,000 gals.Passed on that one.
    The current plumbing is temporary and will updated as I get more room and organized.
    Long way to go, but small steps I hope to have about 200 tanks when finished.

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    Default Re: Progress Update

    Looking good so far, keep us posted with update pics

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    Default Re: Progress Update

    Nice looking system!
    I have a 500 gal acrylic tank which is 10’ x 3’ x 2.5’ and it took 6 strong men to move, and we struggled. What are the dimensions of the 10K gal tank? It sounds like it’s an impossible move without a crane. Where is it currently located? How does the seller propose to move it?

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