- Red Tiger Turquoise (2). Red Cover (1)
- All about 4 years old. Male RTT is about 6-6.5", Female RTT ~ 4.5 - 5". Red Cover is about 5.5-6".
- Purchased directly from Kenny's Discus in the fall of 2020.
- I've been to sole owner of these fish, they've been kept in their own 75-gallon bare bottom tank for most of their life. Bi-weekly WC using water aged 1-2 days.
- I'm not a breeder, but the two Red Tigers have paired up many times, some spawns have produced wigglers.
- Upcoming move, so transporting/keeping discus just isn't in the cards right now.
- Any reasonable offer but must take all three. That said it's more important that these go to somebody with experience.
- Everett WA area.
- Would prefer pickup but would be willing to meet.