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Thread: Best fluke treatment

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    Default Best fluke treatment

    I have 6 Discs in a 55 gallon quarantine tank. Noticed yesterday that one was breathing heavily and only using one gill. I’ve been doing 50% water changes every 2 to 3 days for the past five weeks and just noticed this. I have increased aeration and added Aqua-praxis “1/2 teaspoon”. However, this medication is badly expired not sure it’s still effective. I am going to order new medication wondering what you guys would recommend?

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    Default Re: Best fluke treatment

    I've switched from Wormer Plus to Ric-Ich Plus. I treat once a week for 3 weeks with a large WC every day. I'm pleased with how well it works.
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    Formalin and Malachite green(FMG) is a good anti-fluke med Rid Ich a form of FMG. I just wish it worked on eggs.. Unforunately theres really no meds that do... though I think Flubendazole is reported to when using it with DMSO (Untergasser).

    Since nothing really works on egg treating flukes is an uphill battle requiring multiple treatments timed to try and kill hatching eggs...

    A salt dip can be very effective as well.
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