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Thread: Too Many melon-x-checkerboard juvies...

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    Default Too Many melon-x-checkerboard juvies...

    Hi All - I don't usually raise crosses but I let a 7" male melon and 6.5" female CB raise a couple of spawns. they turned out to be great parents and now I have a ton of juveniles that are eating me out of house and home. LFS took a few in trade, but Omaha is a small market and they don't want any more. I'm needing to be rid of about ~75 2"-3.5" before I go on vacation in a few weeks. photo of the parents and a couple of the young are attached. They are both PB strains, so they are pretty clean, although not showing much color yet. super healthy - transitioned to tap and all growing fast. starting to show pinkish colors, but doubt they will end up resembling either parent. Free to anyone considering donating to this forum and willing to pick up in Omaha NE.
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    Default Re: Too Many melon-x-checkerboard juvies...

    Wow! Yes you have a bunch of mouths to feed! Good luck with finding them homes. Looks like you might get some great checkerboards there.

    Free to anyone considering donating to this forum and willing to pick up in Omaha NE.
    Thank you so much for the thought here!

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