There was a mix up with the shipping on the connecting flight in Melbourne and fish were held overnight..in all the fish were bagged for around 40hrs.
All fish were stressed by the time they arrived 2 worse than the others,I did note that is was the 2 largest fish that were worst off.Unfortunately 1 died as soon as I released it into the tank,the other was lyeing on the bottom for a while..all other fish seemed fine and were swimming around.
Lighting was kept off and salt added to tank to help with stress.It took a while but the other little finally started swimming around with the others.
4 of the fish were looking for food within an hour,things were looking good.
No pictures were taken upon arrival as the health of the fish were more important at the time, I did take a couple later on.
These little ones are being kept in a bb tank, nothing fancy in it.
Water Paremetres are~