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Thread: Control Group... American Contest...

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    Exclamation Control Group... American Contest...

    Hi all,
    When I set this contest up I set it up with a control group for the Australian Group and one for the American Group... This person was supposed to be someone experienced that would independently raise a group of the fry just a check in case there were major issues... As you all may know...Jason volunteered and was appointed as the control group for the American Group....Unfortunately Jason moved and Disappeared off the forums over 6 months ago and all attempts at reaching him have failed...

    A saying that goes something like.."best laid plans...." comes to we don't have a control group fry I sent out... As a scientist..I would have really liked to have had Jason's Group for comparison.

    I hadn't planned on acting as the control here just because it would have been better....but I did keep a group of Fry and grew them out...Those of you that often visit my hatchery have seen them over the last year... The contest deadline is tomarrow... and Once I have all the contest entries in I'll post my unofficial controls just for comparision..

    Sorry for the change here all... Some things in this contest went as planned and were great...others were a bit and learn!
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    Default Re: Control Group... American Contest...

    That's too bad about Jason, i would have liked to see his control group. Can't wait to see your group Al.


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    Default Re: Control Group... American Contest...

    I look forward to the pics Al!


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    Default Re: Control Group... American Contest...

    I tell ya what Al, the pics I have seen from some of the contestants, yer gonna have yer work cut out for ya as far as the controlled group goes!

    Yes yers are amazing, I have seen em, BUT these guys an gals have grown out some awsome Alenquers!!

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    Default Re: Control Group... American Contest...

    I hope he is okay
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