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Thread: A wrap up, but not a goodbye...

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    Default A wrap up, but not a goodbye...

    Whew,,,,its finally over. I made it w/ 2 of the contest fish out of 6. I turned in the best pics for judging so I can not post pics of my fish yet. But i tell ya, the fish i recieved from Dan of Elite Aquaria are huge. Well not all of them but i have 2 of them that r well over 6'' and another thats gaining on them. I will post pics but like i said.....
    When i got them(contest disc), they wera about 2-2.5''. The biggest ones died because of my negligence. But i did w/c's once a day, half to three quarters of the tank. Fed when I got home from work. Tetrabits. then either bloodworms, bh, bbs, experimented w/other food, but stay with the main 3. I fed b/h, but when i ran out of Han's i fed no more b/h. I fed about 4-6 x's /day and at least that on the weekends

    I want to take the opportunity to thank Al for his genorosity. W/o u al, nothing would be here. U continue to show everyone how much u love this particular fish, how much fun u want to make the forum. All i can say is u never close down Simply. I also want to thank everyone who help al w/this big event. We got our fish free and that was very generous of all of u. Hopefully, u will be able the do this again. It was welll worth it

    Although its no longer a contest, I no where to go when i want to go to discus land...... Good Luck to all contestants

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    Default Re: A wrap up, but not a goodbye...

    Eileen glad to hear that you had a great learning experience with these contest fish. I remember when you first got your discus for the very first time and how nervous you were after getting them. At least right now you can comfortably get any type of discus and know that you can easily raise them, congrats to you and good luck in the future.

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    Default Re: A wrap up, but not a goodbye...

    Good on you Eileen!!!

    I look forward to seeing those pictures soon! Its been a fun time with the challenge, and getting to know some really nice people here.
    We're here for a good time...not a long time

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