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Thread: Battleship cove --amazing place

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    Default Re: Battleship cove --amazing place

    Harry that is really Cool! When I took those pics and posted them here I did not think anyone here would have served on those ships! I can only imagine the experience you had there.

    Thank you for your service my friend!

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    Default Re: Battleship cove --amazing place

    Quote Originally Posted by gunnerschh2 View Post
    Thanks Al, I served aboard DD850 JPK JR from late 59 till 62. Greate experiences.Late 62 went to DD 1015 & OFF TO THE Cuban crises which ended quick.[ so much for PC ]. When you were on the sub did you notice lathe behind the electric board, the op could not stand up straight. I went to R.I. for a car show & the guys iwas with went to battleship cove. Six street rods pulling into the parking got some attention. Thank for the memories Al.

    Amazing. I have been on the same trip Al and the young Sabetta went.. similar boys scout trip few years back. Always wondered how would the feeling be for someone who served on those ships to come back and visit them. Like visiting old work place.
    Truly thankful for your service. Awesome

    Nice clicks Al. Very cool
    Ashay Sathe
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    Default Re: Battleship cove --amazing place

    Thanks Ashay I will say the navy taught me a trade & straightend my young a** out. Iwas 17 when I enlisted & knew every thing. Also got to the destroyer piers in Newport but it looks like they were mostly shut down. There was a carrier there & one friget. The air craft carrier was for sale to any state.

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