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Thread: new to discus

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    Default new to discus

    hello, ive been doing africans for many years but now i want to make the switch to discus, really want some calm fish for a change lol. I would like to join the se discus venture and make some new fish friends lol

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    Hi Karl, welcome to SD and the world of discus. Since you are new to all this I would suggest reading some of the stickies in each section of the forum to help you become familar with discus keeping.
    Your discus are talking to you....are you listening

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    Hey Karl, I saw your post on the AAAA forum about wanting to get into Discus. Welcome to SEDE. We are discussing dates for our next meeting right now so your timing is great. If you have read some about SEDE then you already know that what we are about is what you are looking for..............Discus friends.

    I sent you a PM.
    Larry Bugg

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