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  1. names please
  2. Neon Tetra Disease affect Discus?
  3. Low budget
  4. New Discus Arent Eating After a Week
  5. Oldtimer needs some help.
  6. Discus Hiding Problem Pls Help
  7. White worms or black
  8. Discus eating me out of house and home!
  9. Grow out
  10. Water source for tank problem
  11. painting tank problem!
  12. Discus Tank Plan
  13. Discus in hospital tank keeps starting at his reflection in corner!
  14. Which filter is best?
  15. Discus Changing Sex
  16. what is it?
  17. A New, Old Beginner
  18. Am I feeding my discus enough?
  19. Tnobles First 320L Discus Build
  20. Conflicted about maintaining stunted/runted Discus?
  21. Impaling Discus on driftwood?
  22. Suddenly Timid
  23. It's here! Yay! 150g tall
  24. Beginner with question on cycling tank
  25. I want to do Discus, but want to know Running Costs: Water, More Water, Food, Heat
  26. new discus set up and readings
  27. 10 3" in 55 gallon grow-out tank
  28. Getting Into Discus,
  29. Discus attacking food.
  30. ID Please
  31. New to Discus and Forum. My answers to the questionnaire
  32. Stendker vs Asian which is best for a first time discus keeper?
  33. What are your thoughts on these discus + share pictures
  34. Can I keep 4'' discus with 3'' discus?
  35. Quarantine Questions
  36. Bigger tank or more water changes?
  37. Need some advise
  38. new and ready for the big show
  39. It rained ANGELFISH this morning LOL
  40. qt
  41. What to feed fry
  42. Newbie: Best way to sell my discus fish
  43. I'm getting my first discus this week
  44. hi friends
  45. Dashing Discus
  46. Discus breeder fort wayne, indiana
  47. New Discus tank - Advise appreciated
  48. Mix in Discus Sizes?
  49. Splitting up my Discus in Grow out Tank
  50. Mean discus
  51. Do my discus look stunted?
  52. Can i have only one discus fish in a 10g tank
  53. New Discus Tank; community fish advice
  54. Discus fish always spooked
  55. Sump vs canister
  56. New Here - Doing a fishless cycle
  57. White Dot + Algae
  58. Longwinded newcomer looking to cover the bases... tips and thoughts welcome!
  59. From reef to discus
  60. Water changes
  61. Future tank build 180G planted display...Need Advice before then.
  62. New tank, new filtration questions...
  63. Very Shy Discus
  64. Hot, Hot Summer
  65. First ever discus fish to buy
  66. Pair in 90 Gallon
  67. PH Question
  68. Tiny Discus
  69. New Discus not eating
  70. To Use R/O Right Or Not !
  71. Repainting Decorations
  72. Identify this discus
  73. ornaments and fake plants with discus?
  74. Best books for Discus hobbyists
  75. What Are Bioload and Biomass and Why They Are Important
  76. Can I put a pair of Discus in a Hex tank?
  77. Tank Height Question
  78. Help New Discus Sluggish
  79. help identify please
  80. Tank set up questionarre
  81. Not sure about discus... new tank!
  82. The King of the Aquarium
  83. Considering Discus?
  84. any difference between PRIME and SAFE?
  85. fluidization
  86. Determining number of discus
  87. Water change for a new discus in tank
  88. Can I do this
  89. Aspiring Discus hobbyist
  90. Filtration / Other Questions for Discus Tank
  91. New Discus arriving in a few days-have eco complete/gravel -ADVICE NEEDED
  92. Bare bottom or ada soil?
  93. New to discus few questions need answers please
  94. Need discus breeding help, just got a pair that laid eggs
  95. What To Use For Aging Water
  96. Can I rig up an aqueon water changer cheaply?
  97. A video presentation from our Forum Founder :-)
  98. Quarantine Tank Size
  99. Spring Water/verses RO water?
  100. New discus aquarium
  101. Tank size
  102. Sand grain size and type
  103. A few questions from a first time discus keeper
  104. A few questions before I dive in...
  105. Direct sunlight. Good or Bad?
  106. Dallas Tap Water??
  107. cloudy eyes
  108. 55 gallon filtration and cycling
  109. Name pls...
  110. New to discus not new to the hobby looking for advise on which path to take :)
  111. Thinking of Discus growing juvies.
  112. New to Discus - Need assistance all the way
  113. customizing an aqua-tech HOB filter
  114. New to Discus - can I run my plan past you?
  115. Building My First Discus Tank
  116. Just brought from Penang breeder
  117. Discus Aggression and Basics
  118. Preparing to place an order
  119. Drip System.
  120. Critique my first discus setup
  121. Tell me about the fish
  122. Please help me ID the discus
  123. advice for a newbie
  124. Starting a new tank with Discus
  125. Drip Systems
  126. I'm on a well that is salt conditioned to raise ph, is this ok?
  127. RO water question
  128. Too much light, to make it darker? Blackwater Extract?
  129. New setup
  130. When is RO water used? Water chemistry?
  131. Curing Driftwoon in new tank
  132. quarantine tank guidelines
  133. Discus for the Perfectionist - Wattley old book
  134. Discus beginner questions
  135. New to discus
  136. Thinking of starting a planted discus tank in a few months
  137. How to stop bullying?
  138. Discus Growing
  139. Alternate food for blood worms?
  140. Saving the runt
  141. New here - intro & a few questions
  142. Are you new to discus? WATCH THIS VIDEO!
  143. I'm in need of Help!
  144. LED LIGHTING for Discus
  145. Challenging start, and "omega" discus don't fare well.
  146. Beginner's mistakes...Asking for advice on ich
  147. New to the Discus Hobby
  148. New Discus Wont eat
  149. How to calculate true water changes
  150. Beginner Questions
  151. Discus Pairing !!!
  152. new discus hanging out at the top of the tank alot help?
  153. Chemical filtration for discus tank?
  154. Quick Question - Please Help
  155. 100% Water Changes?
  156. Mixing Discus
  157. Researching my dream tank: is a 4 foot tank reasonable for a group of grown Discus?
  158. New Guy Questions
  159. Dojo loach
  160. Well today sucked
  161. another example of what NOT to buy
  162. Need help
  163. New to hobby and super excited!
  164. Former Reef Keeper, Looking to Set Up a Discus Tank
  165. PraziPro protocol?
  166. First discus tank.
  167. flowerhorn head discus???
  168. New discus owner with lots of discus questions :D
  169. New Newbie
  170. fishless cycle question- seachem stability vs tetra safe start?
  171. White worms on glass???
  172. questions about discus
  173. Establishing and maintaining a stable low pH
  174. jeyes scrubb's cloudy ammonia safe for fish less cycle ?
  175. newbie question
  176. Juveniles keep dying on me
  177. Setting up a new water change procedure.
  178. Pictures of bare bottom display tanks
  179. Work for a breeding cone?
  180. Is adding more discus the solution?
  181. Discus Flat swimming
  182. How important is slime coat?
  183. any choices for substrate that's a little darker or has a touch of color?
  184. RO Water, Mandatory or Optional?
  185. Successfully re-integrated formerly misbehaving fish!
  186. Completely new to Discus
  187. Water Change Question
  188. Fist time caring for Discus and need help
  189. First time caring for Discus and need help
  190. Help please !
  191. What is the ideal PH for discus?
  192. Discus Dying
  193. Cleaning the Glass
  194. A few basic questions before I start with Discus
  195. Parasites?
  196. Took in a rough pair of Discus from pet store I work at, need advice on them
  197. Pairing question
  198. New Discus Bullied
  199. One Discus not eating!
  200. Introducing Discus together or seperately?
  201. two out of ten juvenile discus not eating
  202. Juvies vs Adults
  203. new to breeding
  204. is this hole in the head?
  205. I give up!
  206. tank mates
  207. Did 2 things wrong...
  208. Lighting Schedule
  209. Seachem Prime
  210. Discus Itchy/Scratching
  211. Antibiotics in food
  212. Buying fish over the internet
  213. Questions from a potential discus owner
  214. Questions about getting started
  215. Discus coming home today!
  216. Are these good Discus?
  217. Discus and vacation?
  218. Sanitize filter?
  219. Deworming freshwater fish
  220. Discus adjust to new ph?
  221. Discus not eating
  222. Feeding help pls
  223. Driftwood
  224. Where do I go next with this tank?
  225. Trying to figure out what type these 2 Discus are.
  226. pls help with change in behavior
  227. Nitrites
  228. Treating Hex?
  229. Tips on keeping yellow discus
  230. Basic medicines to keep in stock?
  231. rubber bands aquarium safe?
  232. water flow
  233. Are they about to mate?
  234. Help with ph
  235. Discus are fighting
  236. how many discus would be ok?
  237. bubbles on mouth?
  238. Filter - water turnover
  239. Looking to buy juvenile discus
  240. Aging water PH help
  241. Truvu 60gal for $50?
  242. Ph levels please
  243. need help understanding water test kit units used
  244. Adding pure RO water to tank?
  245. Matching temp during wc's
  246. Cycling a discus tank??
  247. First time Discus owner
  248. Tds
  249. Improving my tank
  250. Stunted or not? Your honest opinion.